Get the Digisist™ for yourTrade Shows and Exhibitions

Transform your trade shows & exhibitions with Digisist™

Digisist offers new ways in which event and trade show organisers can interact with guests. The solution is self-help touch screen kiosk, uniquely designed to make your event run smoothly and be unforgettable.

Features and functionality that your trade show can benefit from


No Digisist™ design looks the same as any other. It's uniquely designed to reflect your brand.


Offer guests directions to all sections of the event / venue, be it rest rooms, break away sessions or cocktail areas.

Event Program

Display a the program line up, guest speakers bio and more for the event together with an option for guests to download it directly to their phones.

Media Content

Whether it's the previous event, product information or your your latest corporate video, Digisist™ can show case it all.


Allow guests to contact anyone involved with the event, directly from the Digisist™, which will send a message directly to their smartphones


Offer guests the ability to browse the internet or specific websites, related to your event or occasion. Access can also be restricted

cross sell / up sell

Create awareness of other products and services you offer, which leads to more opportunities for sales and revenue.

stop printing

Instead of printing brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, etc, you can now have these displayed on the Digisist™.


In cases of emmergencies, the Digisist™ can provide contact information of the nearest police stations, local doctor, etc

surveys and polls

Run polls and offer satisfaction surveys digitally directly on the Digisist. Content can also be accessible on attendees smartphones.

Ad space

When the display is not in use, Digisist™ can flight advertisements, display custom content or logos of event sponsors.

Exhibitor Directory

Offer exhibitors additional exposure by listing them on the digital directory. Listing can be charged for to create additional income for organisers.

digisist hire

Digisist™ displays can be further rented out to exhibitors to be used on their stands to showcase their business, products and services

social media

If you're unising a special hashtag for your event, Digisist can display the posts / photos as people post them on instagram.

vote of thanks

Thank everyone who made your event possible (especially sponsors), Feel free to post their logos and profiles to capitalise on the moment.

Managed service

Digisist is a managed service. We take care of all the heavy lifting (setup, support, etc), while you enjoy your event.

Partner / Reseller Program

If you're a corporate event planner or service provider in the industry, we invite you to add Digisist™ to your suite of service offerings. Our our amazing product as your own, whilst earning lucrative commissions or profits.

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As part of our green initiative, we no longer print programs, menus or posters. Thanks to Digisist, we can display it digitally and allow guests to download it directly to their smartphones. Awesome right?

Cecil D

We're scalable

We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with small boutiques to large global brands. A lot comes down to the quality of your relationship with them and we don’t plan to change this. 

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Countless Benefits

Save on: printing (brochures, flyers, posters, signboards and more). 

Communicate more effectively and efficiently through contact forms, feedback and satisfaction surveys.

Up sell & Cross sell more effectively without being intrusive or invasive on your customers.

 Use our very product to add value or earn revenue from your current customers

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