Get the Digisist™ for yourLobby or Reception Area

Transform your reception or lobby space with Digisist™

Digisist offers new ways in which companies can communicate and interact with guests, customers and employees. The solution is self-help touch screen kiosk, uniquely designed and customised for corporate buildings that host single or multiple businesses on its premises. The purpose of this solution is to help make access to information and performing of mundane / laborious tasks easier, thus allowing front desk and reception staff to focus on more strategic functions of business.
Keep track of who enters your premises at any given moment, display a digital directory of all departments / companies within your building, display announcements for staff, advertise products and services to customers and much so more.

Get the following features and functions for lobby and reception display


No Digisist™ design looks the same as any other. It's uniquely designed to suit and reflect your corporate identity and brand.


Offer guests directions to all parts of the property, be it conference rooms, toilets, the pause area or canteen.

building directory

Whether you're in a single or multi tenant building, the Digisist™ can display an interactive directory of everyone on site.

Media Content

Whether it's the latest team building event or your corporate video, Digisist™ can show case it all.


Allow guests to contact anyone in the building, directly from the Digisist™, which will send a message directly to their email.


Offer tenants the ability to browse the internet or specific websites, related to your business.

cross sell / up sell

Create awareness of other products and services you offer, which leads to more sales and revenue.

stop printing

Instead of printing brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, etc, you can now have these displayed on the Digisist™.


In cases of emmergencies, the Digisist™ can provide contact information of the nearest police stations, local doctor, etc

customer feedback

The Digisist™ offers customer satisfaction surveys, a digital suggestion box and general contact forms.

Ad space

When the display is not in use, Digisist™ can flight advertisements or offer ad space to local companies


Handle inductions directly from the Digisist, allowing new staff or employees to watch induction videos directly from the Digisist™.


Now Digisist™ allows you to log faults or maintenance requests, directly on the display.


Post special announcements, notices and updates to guests, staff or customers directly from the Digisist™.


Allow guests to sign in via the Digisist™, which is digitally archived and submitted on a regular basis in xls.


Digisist™ is a managed service - you don't have to dedicate any staff to create content or manage the display.

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We no longer print brochures, flyers, catalogues or posters which clutters our front desk and ends up in the bin.

Thanks to Digisist, we are also able to showcase our latest product offering through corporate videos and allow guests to enquire through the digisist

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Did you know...

If you’re a property management company, the entry level version of the Digisist™ comes at almost no cost to you?

You can use the Digisist™ to not only add value to your customers, but also generate more income from the solution, in various ways.

Speak to one of our consultants to learn how.

We're scalable

We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with small boutiques to large global brands. A lot comes down to the quality of your relationship with them and we don’t plan to change this. 

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Countless Benefits

Save on: printing (brochures, flyers, posters, signboards and more). 

Communicate more effectively and efficiently through contact forms, feedback and satisfaction surveys.

Up sell & Cross sell more effectively without being intrusive or invasive on your customers.


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